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Equipping men and women to serve the church and the world to the Glory of God

The training programs of Aaron & Hur International Ministries have been specifically designed to equip members of the body of Christ in the areas of leadership, counseling and spiritual growth. The instructors are people who are equipped, certified academically and called by God to teach in their assigned  areas. 

Training programs are provided through a variety of formats including but not limited to :

  • Independent Study with supervision (for NCCA Classes)
  • Workshops
  • Conferences 
  • Individual Discipleship/Coaching
  • Staff retrea




 Teaching on God’s unique design in each person as it relates to their natural strengths and weaknesses. Focus: helping each leader lead as God designed them to lead. 


 Training given through Aaron & Hur workshops and independent study. Programs include courses of the NCCA and Aaron & Hur. Focus: Holistic/spiritual counseling. 

Personal Growth

 Training and discipleship for continued spiritual growth and maturity of Church leaders, Pastors, and Missionaries. 

Family Health

 Teaching on the emotional and spiritual health of the Pastoral Family. Focus is given to marriage and child-rearing within the context of the pastoral or missionary home. 


*Conferences, workshops or retreats should have a minimum of 25 people. In addition to the listed cost, the inviting agency or group agrees to cover lodging, food and transportation cost. These costs are not reflected above

Accredited Courses

Creation Therapy - $239.00

Accredited by the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counselors.


The primary goal for providing this course is to help the student understand the mysteries of God's wonderful creation of the human race. It teaches of God’s design of the temperament and its role and effect on how each person perceives the world, their environment and themselves. 

The purpose of this course is to:

  1. Provide the student with the biblical, historical and scientific background of the theory of temperament and to provide evidence of the validity of this theory as a guide to understanding human behavior from a Christian perspective.
  2. Teach the student the general behavior patterns of each temperament, how it affects every aspect of our lives, and how to use this information to develop and maintain human relationships.
  3. Introduce the student to a test called "Arno Profile System." This test, unlike other measurements of behavior, measures inborn temperament with an accuracy rate of over 90%.
  4. Provide the student with a credible alternative to counseling/coaching techniques currently available to the Christian community. The therapeutic model taught in this course has a proven success rate of 93.4%. This percentile is based on the therapy conducted with over 7,000 counselees.
  5. Teach the student a faith-based approach to human behavior to be better equipped to serve in lay-counseling or coaching that assists others in achieving long-term emotional and spiritual well-being.

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Degreed Programs

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Our Staff

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Certified Academic Institution


National Christian Counselors Association

Aaron & Hur International ministries is an accredited Academic Institutions with the NCCA. 

The NCCA is a non-profit, professional organization, dedicated to the advancement of faith-based approaches and principles in Christian counseling. 

Since the early 1980's, we have been equipping ministers, Christian counselors, testing specialists, medical doctors, attorneys and educators through our faith-based curriculum and resources, to advance the biblical teachings on human behavior, utilizing our proprietary faith-based counseling model, known as the Arno Profile System.

Our purpose is to help Christians who believe that God has called them into the ministry of counseling. The N.C.C.A. has been faithful to this mission since 1981 and has assisted thousands of Christians to fulfill their call.

National Christian Counselors Association.(NCCA 2011) 

Retrieved December 17, 2018 from

Privacy Policy

 Aaron & Hur International Ministries (AHIM) materials are proprietary and protected by copyright. Any mention of or description given of National Christian Counselors Association (N.C.C.A.) courses within this document is done so with permission and licensing of AHIM as a certified academic institution by the N.C.C.A. 

AHIM and the NCCA training, certification and licensing programs are not state licensed and should not be identified in any way as such. The material intent is for the use within the context of the Christian faith-based community.