Kathleen Willey Peterson

Founder and Executive Director

Born and reared in Panama, Kathleen is the daughter and granddaughter of missionaries to Panama and Cuba. She has a bachelor's degree in Social Work with specialties counseling and Christian ministries. She is a licensed Temperament Counselor and certified Perspectives coordinator. She has been in ministry for a total of 28 years- Youth Pastor (10 years), Worship Leader (15 years) and as a director of Aaron & Hur International Ministries (previously known as Missionary Manor Inc. - 15 years) Since 1999 she has made over 50 international trips. She is married to Mark Peterson and has two daughters, Anna and Lauren, both whom are in ministry. Her greatest passion in ministry is to see God glorified through people committing their lives fully to Christ and moving to full maturity in Christ so that they in turn serve others for God's glory.