Covenant of Standards

We, as A.H.I.M. team members, whether paid or unpaid, in order to maintain the highest Code of Ethical Standards in ministry, do covenant to abide by the following foundations.

We are:

  1. Committed to maintain current, responsible affiliation with a faith group or denomination with which we are members, Ordained, Licensed, or Commissioned.
  2. Committed to a non-discrimination policy with regard to services, professional help, or educational opportunity on the basis of race, gender, national origin, or denominational affiliation.
  3. Committed to continued education and professional achievement. Team members at every level are expected to continue pursuing personal and professional growth.
  4. Committed to personal, spiritual, physical and emotional health. We will seek assistance from appropriate resources for our own inner and inter-personal conflicts.
  5. Committed to serve the entire ministerial families as defined by: persons in full time church ministry and their families. 
  6. Committed to maintain professional relationships, in our interactions with ministry staff as well as with the men, women, teenagers and children we are serving.
  7. Committed to work in collaboration not in competitions with like minded organizations to further the Kingdom of God and serve church leaders and their families.
  8. Committed to adhering to this Code of Ethical Standards as responsible, professional Christian care-givers and ministers.
  9. Committed to work in partnership not in competition with other A.H.I.M. team members. 
  10. Committed to grow in understanding and practice of our core values of grace, reconciliation, obedience and lifelong discipleship.
  11. Committed to honor God by representing to the world and the community of faith God’s grace, love and holiness. 
  12. Committed to representing this ministry with an awareness that we are servants and co-laborers of the Lord Jesus Christ. We covenant together to be His representatives in the communities that we serve.