Anna Peterson


Anna was born in 1991 in Titusville, Florida and grew up in the church where she held leadership roles from the age of 13. She graduated from Toccoa Falls College in 2014 with a BS in Cross Cultural Studies.

Growing up in a ministry family Anna has extensive mission work and outreach experience, over the past 13 years participating and/or leading over 25 mission trips from within the United States all the way to India.

Anna is using her degree today as the director of outreach and youth at her local church and hopes to use her degree more within Aaron and Hur.

Anna's deepest passion is for pastors, missionary and ministry kids to know that they are not alone and have people to support them in the confusions and decisions we face growing up.

Email: Anna_peterson@ahiminc.org

Lauren Peterson


Lauren was born in 1994 in Titusville, Florida. She grew up in the church where she actively volunteered from a young age. From age 10, Lauren began to travel international, since then Lauren has travelled to Cuba, Panama, Costa Rica and many other mission trips within the United States. 

Lauren graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University with a bachelors in ministry with a concentration in student ministry and a minor in psychology. She is currently using her degree today as the director of student and adult ministry at a local church.

She plans to continue her degree through the NCCA to get her masters in counseling. Lauren hopes that her education will be able to help pastors, missionary, and ministry kids in their unique aspects of their life

Email: Lauren_peterson@ahiminc.org

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