Our History

A word from the founder...

    As the daughter, granddaughter and great granddaughter of pastors and missionaries, I experienced from the very beginning of my life the joys and struggles of a full time commitment to God's service. My earliest memories are filled with adventure and also with heartache. Through my teen and early adult years I struggled to resolve within myself the internal conflict of wanting to see God's glory revealed to all nations yet not wanting to face the difficulties which are part of that calling. At the age of thirteen a dream was born within my heart which would grow throughout many years. This dream was to provide a haven for missionaries and international church leaders; to  walk side by side with these leaders and their children-- strengthening, encouraging and equipping them so that they can continue to complete the task of taking the name of Jesus Christ to every nation and tribe throughout the world, for the glory of God. 
     In 1998, my husband Mark and I made the decision to trust God and step out in faith. On January 1, 1999 we established Missionary Manor Inc, as a non-profit corporation in the state of Florida. Through the years God has expanded our dream beyond our shores and beyond our wildest dreams. In response to this growth, the board of directors decided to change the name of the ministry to Aaron & Hur International Ministries. (AHIM). The ministry was incorporated in 2014 and is registered as a 501c3. 
      So why the name Aaron & Hur? In Exodus 17 the story is told of Moses and the Israelites in the midst of a fierce battle. As long as Moses  held up his rod the Israelites prevailed; the moment he lowered his arms the enemy gained ground. As Moses grew tired, because the battle was long, his arms began to drop. In order for Moses to endure to the end of the battle his friends, Aaron and Hur, came by his side to hold up his hands so that God’s people could win the battle and God could receive the Glory.
     The role of AHIM is much like that of Aaron and Hur. We work in Panama, Cuba and other countries in order to STRENGTHEN, ENCOURAGE and EQUIP church leaders and futures leader by providing training, counseling and crisis intervention so that these leaders and their families can finish all that God has called them to do in their countries. To date, this ministry has sponsored or participated in nearly 45 overseas trips and has hosted numerous stays of  international pastors and missionaries in the USA. 

Kathleen Willey Peterson

Founder and Executive Director