Viviana Medina

Representative of Aaron & Hur - Colombia

Viviana is Colombian, born in a Christian pastoral family, where her passion for service and leadership began. In this Christian family framework, it is formed with biblical principles and values, which still remains as its moral and ethical axis.
As a Professional in International Economic Relations, Specialist in "Applied Business Strategies in the penetration of new markets", she has participated mainly in the planning, promotion, and development of projects and programs whose main purpose is the construction of the social fabric through the defense , restoration and edification of families, which has led her to believe and firmly defend the biblical family as the fundamental core of society and as the main contributor in the construction of new generations.
Their vocation and ministerial formation are mainly oriented towards the processes of restoration and healing in the family, church and Christian leadership, whose base is mainly the return to the original divine design of each human being, framed within a true Identity in Christ and whose end It is the Glory of God.
Her main passion is the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth through a true healing, restoration and transformation of Christian leadership that results in every family, church and therefore our nation.